5 Beauty Mistakes To Avoid

Are you still applying your makeup the same way you did in high school? Does your beauty care routine leave something to be desired? You don’t have to go to beauty school to start taking care of your looks like an expert. You can go a long way just by learning to stop making some common beauty mistakes.

Conditioner – Conditioner helps fix damaged hair and improves its looks. However, it can also worsen its looks when used improperly. If you apply your conditioner to the top of your head and work it in like you do shampoo, then you are doing it wrong. The hair at the top of your head is newly grown, healthy hair. It doesn’t need to be repaired. All conditioner will do to it is weigh it down and make it look greasy. To give your hair better volume and less greasiness, apply your conditioner to your hair at about ear level and work it down to the ends from there.

Lipstick – Even expensive lipsticks start to smudge or bleed over time, and once they do your whole look is compromised. To prevent this, apply liquid foundation to the outer edge of your lips, sparingly. Then cover the foundation with lip liner that has been color-matched to your lipstick. Only then should you apply your lipstick.

¬†Foundation – If you use foundation then you also need to use patience. Let it dry fully before putting makeup on top of it. If you don’t, your makeup will thin out and end up looking more washed out and blotchy than it should.

Brushes – Do you wash yours at least once a week? If not, then you could be mixing the color you want with colors you don’t. Even if you use the same color all the time, you are still allowing bacteria to grow on them, which can cause acne and other skin problems.

Plucking – When you pluck your eyebrows, don’t stand with your face right up close to the mirror, focusing on each hair. It’s too easy that way to pay so much attention to the details that you lose sight of the big picture. This is the leading cause of uneven or excessively thin eyebrows. Instead, stand back far enough that you can get a good idea of how they look overall, from different angles.