4 Surprising Diet Myths Busted

Busting myths that have been believed for over centuries is quite tricky. You have to extensively research about both widely-acclaimed and hidden facts. It would be a lot better for us if we research into things before believing them. In this article, we will bust 4 surprising diet myths that people have believed for over centuries.

Myth 1: Consuming Fat Makes You Fat
Of course fat makes you fat. This is what you hear from most of the people who have believed this myth for over centuries. In fact, consuming meager quantity of fat allows body to feel fuller much faster because it activates signals of fullness. Moreover, consuming the right types of fats helps the body to absorb healthy vitamins. Go for poly-unsaturated fats found in safflower and canola oils as they do not increase bad cholesterol levels. Also, these oils may also lower the risk of cardiac arrest. Consume Omega 3 oils sourced from krill, algae, fish, flaxseeds, seafood, olive oil, walnuts, etc, as these are good sources of Omega 3s and monounsaturated fats.

Myth 2: The Body Burns Fat Faster On an Empty Stomach
The fact is when your body is forced to work out while it is starving, not only is the effort  ineffective, but also very harmful. According to a medical statement, the body burns equal amounts of fat whether it works out on an empty stomach or after you have consumed meals. However, the body loses its strength building muscles if you work out on an empty stomach. Your body needs energy to work out, which is why when you work out after consuming meals, the body burns fat instead of muscle. Therefore, calorie burning rate turns higher and the energy is replenished in great quantity as well.

Myth 3: Women Cannot Lose Weight Easily
It is believed that it is quite simpler for men to lose weight as compared to women. It is believed so because they have fewer hormonal changes comparatively which help trigger the fat burning process. On the contrary, research shows that with the passage of time, the weight loss process evens out among both the sexes. The gist is that by sticking to a healthy diet and workout routine, women can lose weight as quickly as men.

Myth 4: All Calories Are Equal
The contents of a calorie do not equal the other automatically. A lot of calories are more nutritious and leave you feeling fuller. Contrarily, some calories are lighter and hence keep you consuming more food.  If you prefer consuming heavier calories, then make sure you consume through polyunsaturated fats found in nuts and avocados instead of saturated fats found in fatty meats and butter. This way you will be able to consume rich and flavorsome food without fearing about flab.