10 Ways to Reduce the Appearance of Eye Wrinkles

Wrinkles form due to many reasons. Aging is one of them. Apart from that, smoking and prolonged sun exposure can also cause wrinkles around your eye. Skin becomes dry and wrinkles are formed. Eye wrinkles have become a big concern for many people. Luckily, their visibility can be reduced or they can be totally removed.

Following are few ways in which it can be done.

Use of a Concealer
You can use a concealer, especially one which has a white base. Do not rub it in when applying it. Gently dab it around your eyes using your fingers.

Thinner Layer of Foundation
Heavy layer of foundation often settles into the layers, making the wrinkles more prominent. It is better if you use a foundation sponge and apply foundation very thinly.

Make Other Face Features More Striking
Wrinkles can be made less noticeable by making other features of your face more striking. For example you can apply a bright color lipstick and use less eye makeup.

Extra Care under the Sun
Wearing sunglasses helps in preventing new wrinkles from forming. It also hides your existing eye wrinkles. Wearing sunglasses also helps reduce squinting, which is the main cause for wrinkle formation. You should also wear sunscreen under your makeup or use one that comes with it.

Drink Water Regularly
Drink plenty of water regularly. It helps in maintaining your skins moisture and keeps it elastic. If the skin becomes dry it can make your wrinkles more pronounce and deep.

Use an Eye Cream
Continuous use of a good eye cream and serums improves the wrinkle appearance around your eyes. It nourishes the skin surrounding your eye and restores the moisture level, making it stronger.

Stop Smoking
It helps if you stop smoking altogether. It stops the new winkles form and also makes existing wrinkles less prominent. As it is a very harmful activity for your skin, its discontinuance can restore your skin’s beauty and strength.

Go for a Botox Treatment
You can go for a Botox treatment. Get it injected around your eyes. It weakens the muscles that cause eye wrinkles. You can see the improvements rapidly. The result can last for around half a year which is a lot of time.

Laser Treatment
Laser treatment can be used to reduce appearance of the eye wrinkles. They can totally be removed via laser treatment as well. It normally takes about half an hour to undergo this process. Initially it may irritate your skin, but the irritation fades away.

Injectable Fillers
You can ask you dermatologist to guide you regarding injectable fillers. They help in hiding your eye wrinkles. Fillers of calcium hydroxylapatite, hyaluronic acid gel, and collagen can be injected around your eyes and can temporarily hide your wrinkles.